Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Zac's Crustinis

 Okay, I know these things have totally been made up before so I am not trying to claim that I created them. I also know they have a name, but my brother loved them and he kept calling them Crustinis so I decided to name them after him. This is a simply delicious side or main dish that is super easy to make. Everyone in my family loved them and I had to keep making more and more. 
 Start with your favorite Artisan bread, tonight I used  a mini Bruchetta loaf but a big loaf would also work really well.
 There is a lot of freedom in this recipe. For my topping I usually just use cucumbers and tomatoes. I added rice vinegar, salt and pepper, and just a little bit of Italian dressing. You can also add colorful peppers, and other seasonings or just whatever you think tastes good. Just chop the veggies into pretty small pieces and toss them together (kind of like a salad without lettuce) and add seasoning.
 Next, cook your bread. After slicing in about half inch to inch slices, spread melted butter on each side of the slice of bread and heat on a sauce pan at medium-high heat. Flip the bread whenever you decide that it is cooked enough and cook the other side until it is cooked how you like it, some people like their bread just warm and some people like it more crispy and a bit burnt, so you can decide for yourself how you want it.
Then take the bread off the stove and top it with your topping. Use as much as you want and then enjoy. This is one of my favorite recipes and it is a family favorite!! Let me know if you like it and tell me your ideas.

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